Hi, I’m Nico Hagenburger
I enjoy designing
clean, simple websites,
developing living style guides
& increasing usability.

Made in Berlin

A few days ago I discovered a competition on a Made in Berlin badge on Facebook. Maybe this was inspired by the footer of 6wunderkinder. Actually it was over this day. Nevertheless I made my own draft on Dribbble as I like the idea.

made in berlin logo variations in color and style

What are the requirements for such a logo?

  • Easy to remember: Simple and unique
  • Some local color: Something everybody associate with the city
  • Adaptable: It should fit to your design—it shouldn’t be the other way round. If you like box-shadows, glows, bevel and emboss, crunge look, … the logo should allow this while keep the recognitionvalue.
  • Free to use: Licensed under CC to allow everybody to use and adopt it.

Inspired by the font of the station signs of the subway line U5/U8. Those are styled with influence of the Bauhaus design in the 30s of the last century. The font of the Made in Berlin logo is hand-made to avoid licensing problems on the one side and provide a high legability in small sizes. At 100 % the font has a weight of exactly one pixel (4 pixels on the columns).

I’ll soon publish the logo as SVG and PNG. Here’s the vector PSD file under CC-BY license:

Download PSD (156 KB)

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to integrate it on your website :)