Hi, I’m Nico Hagenburger
I enjoy designing
clean, simple websites,
developing living style guides
& increasing usability.


What’s in Store for LivingStyleGuide 2

Upcoming features and more flexible syntax to come in the LivingStyleGuide 2.0.0.

Using Handlebars.js Templates in the LivingStyleGuide

Create a living style guide with Middleman while sharing Handlebars.js templates between JavaScript and the front-end style guide.

Background Placeholders with Gradients

Use CSS3 background gradients as placeholder rectangles for images in gallery indexes

Compass Placeholders

This simple Ruby gem reduces CSS file size and speeds up browser rendering.

Look Ahead CSS Selectors

CSS3 offers look back selectors only. But with :nth-last-of-type you also can look ahead.

A Git Commit Hook to Autocompile Sass to CSS

Ensure the compiled CSS is always up-to-date in your Git repository with this Git pre-commit hook.

Simple Naming for Modular CSS Class Names

Create maintainable CSS and Sass code by following very simple and easy to remember class naming guidelines.

Document Your CSS/Sass Code With Variables

Learn how variables help you to document your CSS/Sass code

Made in Berlin

Made in Berlin—a logo for all websites and projects made in Berlin.

3d Github badge with pure CSS3

A pure CSS3 Github badge with 3D transitions for Safari—made with Sass/SCSS and Compass.

A Simple HTML5 Fix for IE

A very fast way to fix Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 with JavaScript without any external library.

A Better Typekit Integration

Some tweaks to optimize the script tags provided by Typekit to improve loading and beauty.

Production Ready Staticmatic Projects

Integrate the Jammit gem to pack your CSS and JavaScript with YUI compressor or Closure in Staticmatic projects.

3 Steps to Make Better & Faster Frontends

Enhance your frontend development with SCSS/Sass, Compass and Lemonade—use variables, color functions CSS3 and CSS sprites.

HTML5 Placeholder Input Fields Fixed with jQuery

Enhance your textarea or input fields with the HTML5 attribute “placeholder” and make it work in all Browsers with jQuery.

How to auto deploy Rails apps after Git push

Ever wondered how Heroku “deploying” Rails apps via Git works? It’s very easy to setup Git.

How to use GMail with WordPress

With Cimy Swift it’s easy to switch from PHP’s mail() to your Goolge Mail e-mail address.

4 Useful HTML5 Browser Support Overviews

Four great tables about HTML5 support in different browsers, attributes and elements.

CSS Snipplets for TextMate

Little helpers to make CSS editing much more easy in TextMate

How to Get to Baku? (And How to Get Back?)

I had an awesome trip to Azerbaijan and a lot of fun with Aeroflot.

New Facebook Logo Announced

After Facebook switched to a Twitter styled layout, they had to update their logo.

HTML5 with CSS for Safari, Firefox, Opera & IE

Create cross-browser HTML5 documents. This includes fixes for IE6 and Firefox 2.0.

Social-Media-Camp vs. bracamp

Logo drafts for the “Social-Media-Camp” and the “bracamp”

Das Widget – neue Glossr-Definition

Glossr is a platform to define terms of the Web 2.0 on barcamps.

Impressums-Leitfaden vom Bundesministerium der Justiz

Tipps to design an imprint for German websites by the minister of justice

Barcamps und Spam?

I’m sad. Barcamp Riga sent spam to me. How could this happen?

Schon mal eine Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer beantragt?

German bureaucracy discovers the Internet. An adventure to get a fat ID.